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GTC is experienced in helping landowners to increase land values, by securing the utilities on development land prior to plot sales.

It is common for house builders to purchase fully-serviced parcels of land where the electricity, fibre, water & waste water and gas are commissioned or laid before the sale – reducing the utility procurement process faced by house builders.

GTC is the utility infrastructure provider of choice for the house building industry across England, Scotland an Wales. The majority of our work comes from repeat business. Our credentials are second to none. No other multi-utility provider has our scale, can deliver all seven utilities, or combines conventional and next-generation solutions to service new communities on the journey to zero carbon.

Phased development

Fully serviced land deals offer the advantage of economies of scale. It makes it easy for several house builders to each purchase a phase of the development or a set number of plots.

GTC can work in carefully planned stages, first powering street lighting for new access roads for example, then increasing the electricity network, as required, at each phase of the development.

Working directly with house builders

Once the parcel of land has been acquired by the house builder, GTC can work directly with them to create a specific design to suit the needs of the scheme.

GTC can provide landowners with gas, electricity, water, waste water, and fibre infrastructure, all in advance of the sale and build. View our latest projects

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