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Energy Theft – Help and Advice

How to Report Energy Theft

Theft of energy occurs when either gas or electricity is consumed without it being recorded, which is commonly a result of meter tampering.

Energy theft is not only highly dangerous, it also impacts all UK consumers and collectively raises individual’s energy bills by £20 annually.

GTC support Crimestoppers’ nationwide campaign, “Stay Energy Safe,” helping people recognise when theft of energy may be taking place, the safety risks associated, and how to report it.

For Gas, signs to look out for include:

  • Gas odour close to the meter box – call 0800 111999 immediately.
  • A meter that has been turned around so that the standard dials are hidden.
  • Little rubber tube pieces instead of pipes.
  • The meter no longer has a dial or counter that can be seen.
  • Although gas is still accessible, the meter indicates that credit has run out.
  • Even when gas is being consumed, the meter’s dials do not turn.

For Electricity, signs to look out for include:

  • Burning odour near the meter box, or evidence of smoke or sparks – call 105 immediately.
  • Broken, damaged or missing meter casing, or evidence that connections have been disconnected.
  • Additional wires, or connector clips.

Reporting Suspected Energy Theft

If you suspect any of the above, do not attempt to touch any of the equipment and report it anonymously by calling the Stay Energy Safe service, managed by Crimestoppers on 0800 023 2777, or report it online here

For more information watch the Stay Energy Safe video here.

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