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Electricity Generation

Installers of solar PV, wind generation or battery storage are required to notify their Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO), to apply for a connection. The IDNO will normally respond within 65 days, provided all required data have been submitted.

This process helps IDNOs to ensure that the system has sufficient capacity and can continue to operate in a safe and reliable manner. It can provide assurance to third parties that all appropriate checks have been carried out and, in some instances, may be a requirement of household insurance cover.

Energy Networks Association (ENA)

The connection process has been developed by the Energy Networks Association (ENA), the main industry body that represents DNOs and IDNOs including GTC. The connection notification/application process is intended to be straightforward and easy to use.  The ENA website also includes guidance for generation operators on compliance for operating generation in parallel with the network.

We encourage all installers to talk to us and use the notification/application process as appropriate.

For further information and to download the relevant form please visit:

Accelerated loss of mains change

It is a requirement of the Distribution Code that all owners of generation installed prior to February 2018, and where the generation equipment is not type-tested, comply with new setting requirements for the interface protection in accordance with EREC G59.  Owners of generation have to comply with the Distribution Code and have until 1st September 2022 to comply with these modified interface protection requirements. 

For further information or to submit an application, please refer to the ENA website and follow links to the portal to apply:

Embedded capacity register

The embedded capacity register has been developed to provide data on Distributed Energy Resources (DER) on The Electricity Network Company’s (ENC) and Independent Power Networks Limited’s (IPN) networks. The register provides information on generation and storage resources greater or equal to 1MW, connected, or accepted to connect, to ENC’s and IPN’s networks.

This register will be updated on a monthly basis and is available for download

Disclaimer – This embedded capacity register has been developed in line with our requirements under The Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement (‘’DCUSA’’). Whilst all reasonable endeavours are used to ensure the accuracy of data published, no responsibility or liability is accepted by GTC, ENC or IPN for the accuracy or completeness of the content or any loss which may arise from reliance on the capacity register and related information.

Contact GTC

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