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Gigabit Fibre

GTC’s 100% fibre networks are gigabit capable, already delivering service packages up to 1Gbps. This meets the requirements recommended by DCMS and allows our residential customers to enjoy ultrafast broadband, television, online streaming, and telephone services.

Delivering choice

GTC’s fibre network is open access, giving homeowners a choice of service providers and enabling them to choose a service package that meets their needs and budget.

Our partnership with Sky will give residents direct access to Sky’s full range of products and services, including Sky Q, from the day they move in to their new home.

We also offer an option for Fibre Integrated Reception Systems (FIRS), delivering digital, terrestrial and satellite TV and digital radio to homes from a central dish and aerial array ideal, for higher density developments or where planning requirements restrict the installation of satellite dishes and aerials.

Delivering innovation

We are always looking for ways to transform the services we offer, keeping ahead of technological developments, to deliver the best for both housebuilders and homeowners.

We install fibre at the same time as our other utilities, resulting in significant savings on construction and operational costs and faster installation. We have also recently launched a new and improved ONT (Optical Network Terminal), maximising both wired and wireless connectivity.

Discounts and rebates

We offer a market-leading commercial proposition

  • Significant cost savings available through competitive rebates to HBF members
  • Reductions in overall construction and installation costs, discounted upfront, when fibre is taken as part of our multi-utility offer
  • Rebates for both fibre and Sky Q in home wiring, as part of our partnership with Sky, automatically deducted from the overall cost when taken as part of a multi-utility contract

Comprehensive service for housebuilders

Gigabit Fibre to the Home for your customers, and hassle-free installation and support for you.

Our offer includes:

  • Regular site visits from site liaison managers
  • Training and support for on-site sales teams
  • Customer information packs
  • Customer engagement and troubleshooting
  • Support at community events
  • Monitoring of homeowner satisfaction via regular fibre customer surveys
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