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Winchester Village, Hampshire, Bovis Homes

GTC delivered gigabit-capable fibre broadband as part of a multi-utility infrastructure package, with just three months between starting work and the first home being occupied with full Sky connection.

Development: Winchester Village, Hampshire

Customer: Bovis Homes

Sector: Residential

Utilities: Electricity, Fibre, Gas

Homes of the future

Bovis Homes shared a strong vision with Hampshire County Council for Winchester Village; to offer fibre-ready homes featuring the most advanced broadband technology available. GTC fulfilled all aspirations with a blazing-fast gigabit-capable Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) network, under a single contract to provide total utility infrastructure serving the entire site, including traditional gas and electricity networks.

It took GTC just three months to deliver the fibre broadband network for this project. Work commenced on the 15th July. On the 7th October fibre went live onsite and the first home with Sky connection was moved into on the 17th October.

Single satellite dish

Homeowners have the ultimate online experience from the day they move in, as well as access to a wide range of TV services, thanks to a Fibre Integrated Reception System (FIRS).

With the FIRS system, Sky, Freeview and DAB radio are received on one community dish and the signal transmitted via the fibre network. There is no need for unsightly individual satellite dishes and a high-quality signal is reliably maintained together with the stylish aesthetics of the properties. GTC’s working partnership with Sky presented Bovis Homes with a unique opportunity to offer their homeowners even more in the way of added value with free Sky TV for 12 months and further options including Sky+ and Sky HD, as part of their moving-in package.

When, for many homebuyers, having ultrafast broadband access for communication and entertainment is a necessity and not a luxury, it was important to Bovis to be fibre-ready from the off and to choose a reliable partner with a proven track record.

“GTC is providing us with fibre-ready homes so there is no wait for fibre connection once the homeowner has moved in. This is very convenient for our customers and the fibre-to-the-home technology offers the reliable and fast internet access demanded in today’s market. It fits perfectly with the vision we have for this exciting, modern location.”

Candice McCabe, Bovis Homes’, Regional Marketing Manager