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Sowerby Gateway, Thirsk, Linden Homes

GTC’s ultrafast fibre technology has met Linden Homes’ vision of building quality homes capable of meeting the needs of its Yorkshire communities for generations to come. Along with infrastructure networks for gas, electricity and water, GTC also provided a future-proof fibre solution with infinite potential at Linden Sowerby Gateway development, in North Yorkshire.

Development: Sowerby Gateway, Thirsk, North Yorkshire

Customer: Linden Homes

Sector: Residential

Utilities: Electricity, Fibre, Water and Gas

The background

As the only UK provider of new networks able to deliver all four essential utilities together, GTC was selected by Mulberry Homes to provide a total utilities solution at the 783 plot Sowerby Gateway, so-called because of its unique location at the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales to the west and the North York Moors to the east.

Utility infrastructure requirements

Electricity – connecting to four substations

Ultrafast fibre including Fibre Integrated Reception System (FIRS)

Water – Inset appointment network

Gas – medium pressure connection requiring gas governor


GTC’s broadband infrastructure provides Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) technology. More reliable, more dependable and faster than any available alternative.  FTTH from GTC gives Linden’s customers access to the very latest in communication and entertainment technology. Futhermore, the scope for GTC’s ultrafast fibre solution is also infinite, with networks able to support ever-increasing demands for faster broadband speeds.

Futureproof solution

Fibre has enabled Linden Homes to look to the future of their development with confidence, knowing that the network provision can evolve to meet ever-increasing demands over time.  The solution also avoids the need for individual satellite dishes on Linden’s sympathetically designed homes. Instead, TV and all other services are delivered via a Fibre Inegrated Reception System (FIRS) with a central satellite receiver and aerials serving the whole site.

“Ultrafast broadband is now an essential utility for many of our customers. It undoubtedly adds value. More importantly, we have seen that potential buyers may even decide against an otherwise beautiful home if it can’t provide the broadband speeds they want. Along with gas, electricity and water, GTC was the dependable, independnet option for fibre at Sowerby. They provided a complete utilities solution, including a fast and future-proof fibre network, capable of meeting growing demand for speed to support 21st century online lifestyles.”

Erica Bell, Technical Director, Linden Homes