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Barnhorn Green, Bexhill, BDW Kent

Barnhorn Green is a sensitively planned expansion to the existing community of Little Common in Bexhill, East Sussex, where 342 new homes have been created, 72 of which are spread across three blocks of flats. There is also a care home and employment land.

Development: Barnhorn Green, Bexhill

Customer: BDW Kent

Sector: Residential and commercial

Utilities: Electricity, Fibre with FIRS, Gas

Vital statistics

GTC provided 781m of offsite electric HV, along with three new substations. Upstream network reinforcement was required, as well as an onsite HV diversion. A 125mm gas connection was made outside the site, with 250mm gas mains running in to the site.

Future-proof fibre

GTC has laid fibre-optic cabling directly to each and every home on the Barnhorn Green development. This means that residents will benefit from ultra-fast Fibre-to-the-Home of up to 1Gbps. GTC’s fibre is an open-access network, so homeowners are able to choose from a variety of providers to get the best deal for them, with broadband live from the day they move in.


A Fibre Integrated Reception System (FIRS) has been installed by GTC at Barnhorn Green. FIRS uses a single satellite dish and aerial array for satellite TV, free-view and DAB radio. It is also Sky-Q compatible. The signal is delivered to each individual home via the fibre network, meaning only one satellite dish is required for all homeowners to enjoy satellite packages – an aesthetically preferable option to individual dishes on each home.

“GTC offered an efficient and reliable service along with the benefits of multi-utility for gas, electricity and fibre. Their Fibre-to-the-Home package, along with the FIRS system, means that our buyers can benefit from the latest in fibre technology and the must-have TV without the unsightliness of lots of satellite dishes. We were extremely pleased with the delivery of the whole package.”

Chris Cooper, Technical Manager, BDW Homes