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Genuine competition now BAU in the water market

As the housing industry rebounds from the Covid-19 lockdown, the full impact of Ofwat’s new rules for new water connections is being felt.

In April this year, the final barrier to water market competition was removed, allowing independent utility network providers such as GTC, to compete on a level playing field with the regional water companies.

Water and wastewater have been a key part of GTC’s multi utility delivery for many years, making new water connections in the same way as gas, electricity, and fibre, offering housebuilders and developers the benefits of integrated MU delivery.

Now that incumbent water connection costs are consistent for all providers, GTC offers highly competitive pricing along with the benefits already seen from its MU service delivery.

GTC’s New Appointee Variation (NAV) water and wastewater offers sees both networks being owned and managed independently, and include direct investment, significantly lowering the capital cost of network construction for house builders.

Back in April 2018, John Marsh, GTC’s water director hailed Ofwat’s decision to open the water market as a “watershed moment, a real game-changer.” Events have proved him right. GTC is delivering new water connections to developments of all sizes across eleven water regions, with many more projects under consideration.

Adopting a truly multi-utility approach, sourcing all utilities from a single network provider, is now a realistic option for all housebuilders and developers. The Ebbsfleet development is just one example of how water and wastewater networks have become a standard part of GTC’s multi-utility offering.

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