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My Connections Journey

Project Timeline

Below are the steps you will go through for a new connection or service alteration. The My Connections team are available to assist you every step of the way.

  1. 1


    Before making your application there are several areas to consider: Location plan, plot type, meter position, service route and distance, required loadings (including data sheets if applicable), meter box type, excavation & reinstatement options, land ownership and any planning or road opening permissions.

  2. 2


    Complete the application form, provide all the required details to support your application and return to GTC. Give us a call we are happy to talk you through the application form.

  3. 3


    Standard Gas only quotes will be returned within 4 working days. Non standard Gas only quotes (including Commercial plots) will be returned within 11 working days. Standard Electric only quotes will be returned within 5 working days. Non standard Electric quotes will be returned in 15 working days. Dual Fuel quotes will be returned with 4 working days.

  4. 4

    Acceptance and Payment

    Quotes are valid for 60 days. During this time should you wish to proceed full payment and a signed acceptance form will need to be returned to GTC.

  5. 5

    Pre start visit

    Site visits can be arranged to discuss all areas ahead of the works taking place, usually for new connections only, however we can look to accommodate this should you require one for a service alteration or a meter move. Dissucssions include any planning or road opening permissions.

  6. 6

    Planning date scheduled

    On average it take 8-10 weeks from payment to carry out your works.

  7. 7

    Works commencement

    We will give you a call up to a week before works are due to start to make sure everything is ready.

  8. 8

    Works completed

    Once we’re finished we’ll reinstate any area disturbed in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

  9. 9


    We value our customers feedback and strive for continuous improvement for our future customers. Our Customer Service Team will contact you shortly after completion to disscuss how the project went.


  • GTC

    Own and operate the pipes and/or cables
    which transport gas and/or electricity into homes and businesses. We are responsible up to the Emergency Control Valve (GAS) and the Cut out (Electric), these are located before your Gas and Electric meter.

  • Your Utility Supplier

    Own the meter and the gas and/or electricity being transported through our pipes and cables and they are responsible for the installation and maintenance of your meter.

    Your supplier will send you bills for the gas and/or electricity use in your property.

  • Property Owner

    Own the property and is responsible for the internal pipes and/or cables from the meter to the appliance within the property.