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Ground Source Heat Pumps

The solution for housebuilder’s electricity grid capacity constraints

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GTC and the Kensa Group, have joined forces to deliver a low-cost renewable heating and cooling solution for tens of thousands of new build homes a year – introducing the Networked Ground Source Heat Pump solution.

Networked ground source heat pumps is an effective and deliverable solution for heating, hot water and cooling in residential homes and other buildings on your site. The solution not only brings financial savings for developers but also lower costs for residents. Plus, it’s outstanding efficiency and environmental sustainability minimises grid demand.

With up to five times the efficiency of gas and 30% more efficient than individual air source heat pumps, these ground source heat pumps require the same electricity capacity as gas fired homes. This makes it the ideal solution both for new developments and those that are in-build but will need to switch from being gas heated to being heated using electricity.

We’re proud to collaborate with Kensa, the UK’s foremost experts in heat pumps for over 25 years. This partnership provides housebuilders with access to award-winning, British-made heat pumps, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability.

Read more about our partnership with Kensa.

Why Ground Source Heat Pumps?

  • Cost saving

    We invest in the solution so it provides lower per plot cost to developers than individual air source heat pumps.

  • Carbon saving

    With higher system performance and lower electricity usage, GSHP Networks are the most carbon-efficient option.

  • Energy saving

    3-4 kWh of heat is produced for every 1 kWh of electricity, resulting in significant energy savings for residents.

  • Grid saving

    The efficiency of ground source reduces the strain on the grid, requiring no more capacity than gas heated homes.

Ground Source Heat Pumps Explained

Networked heat pump systems mimic the gas grid and are infinitely scalable, tailored to meet the layout and heat demand of the site.

Benefits of Ground Source Heat Pumps

  • Space compact

    We have one of the world’s smallest units – made in the UK and designed specifically for UK housing. With no box on the outside the visual appearance of the home is unaffected and no garden space is used.

  • Low running cost

    Residents benefit from lower heat and hot water costs through a simple monthly Community Heat Charge (similar to a gas standing charge), without seasonal variations or cold weather premiums. Plus there are no maintenance costs.

  • Year round efficiency

    With a constant ground temperature, heat pumps maintain high levels throughout the year, and are not impacted by air temperature even when it’s cold outside.

  • Quiet operation

    Quiet inside the home – similar to a fridge with no noisy fans. The heat pump’s cupboard location further reduces noise.

  • Cooling options

    Passive cooling is available at limited additional capital cost and no extra cost to residents – providing Part O compliance benefits.

  • Reliably comfortable

    Provides 100% of heating and hot water needs without electrical backup, perfect for underfloor heating or modern radiators.

The Next Generation of Home Heating and Cooling

Kensa Shoebox & NX

The Shoebox is the world’s smallest ground source heat pump. Our 3kW Shoebox and 5kW NX models are perfect for apartments and homes with 2 to 5 bedrooms.

They’re made in Britain, tailored for UK developments and designed to be installed as simply as a gas boiler, making it easy for housebuilders’ M&E teams.

For further information about ground source heat pumps, please contact the GTC Sales Team on 01359 240154 or to find your local contact please click here.

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