Obtain a quote

GTC can only provide a connection if we operate the local gas and/or electricity infrastructure for single property connection.  To find out, contact our GTC householder connections team on 01359 243360 or email your contact details along with your full postal address to 1house1connection@gtc-uk.co.uk.

Request a quote

GTC would be delighted to provide you with an single property connection on networks operated by GTC only, please contact GTC householder connections team on 01359 243360.  Our quotations are free, simply complete the form single domestic property new connection form and provide all the information required, either by post or by email to 1house1connection@gtc-uk.co.uk.

Timescales for quotations

On receipt of the information required a quotation can be provided within 6 working days.  

Acceptance of your quotation

In order to accept the quotation, you must sign and return the acceptance form to GTC along with full payment.  Your acceptance cannot be validated until we have received payment and a signed copy of the acceptance form which can be posted or scanned and emailed to 1house1connection@gtc-uk.co.uk.

Payment can be made by cheque, payable to GTC.  Alternatively, please contact our Finance Department on 01359 243349 where debit or credit card details can be taken over the telephone quoting your project reference.

On receipt of your acceptance and payment, you will receive an email containing your network details; this will include your unique network reference number and who you need to contact to book in your work.

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