To find out if you are on a network operated by GTC, you can

  • Contact your supplier.
  • See the reverse of your utility bill.
  • See if the label on your gas meter states “Property of GTC or IPL or IML”.

If your property is connected to a gas and electricity utility network operated by GTC you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. Established in 1995, we are the UK’s leading independent utility infrastructure networks provider with industry Lloyds accreditations and Ofgem license holders we meet the highest levels of service and safety.

GTC operates the gas networks and meters for GTC Pipelines Ltd (GPL), Independent Pipelines Limited (IPL), Quadrant Pipelines Limited (QPL) and Independent Meters Limited (IML).  We operate electricity networks for The Electricity Network Company Ltd (ENC) and Independent Power Networks Limited (IPNL).

In the unlikely case of a gas or electricity emergency, please click the emergency button.

Service Alteration

If your house is connected to a network operated by GTC we can provide you with a quotation for alteration work, see Service Alteration for further details. 

Single Property Connections

GTC will only be able to provide a one-off connection to a single property if we already operate the local gas and/or electricity infrastructure. See Single Property Connections to find out more.

Comments and Complaints

If you have any comments or a complaint, please click here.


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