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GTC quotations are for all utility infrastructure solutions: Gas, Electricity, Fibre to the Home, Water, Waste and sustainable products.  The solutions are flexible depending on the requirements of the development.

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GTC can provide two types of quotes to suit your needs:

  • Firm quotation includes all costs and can be accepted.
  • Budget quotation provides indicative utility costs only.

Complete the Quotation Request Form and provide the supporting information required, which can be emailed to sales@gtc-uk.co.uk .  If you have any questions, please contact GTC Sales team on 01359 240154.

FREE utility quotations

Our utility infrastructure solutions invest in your development by offsetting future network revenues from the upfront construction costs of your development.  That’s why we are so competitive.

Timescales for quotations

On receipt of the information required a quotation can be provided within 5 working days for a non-complex solution or up to 35 working days for complex solutions with standard design. 

Clear price breakdown

We have a transparent pricing and quotation system showing all cost elements of the project. 

  • sales team

    Email: Sales
    Tel: 01359 240154

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    Click the map to find your Sales Manager or Project Manager

    Click the map to find your Sales Manager or Project Manager