Electricity Generation Installers

Installers of solar PV, wind generation or battery storage are required to notify their DNO, to apply for connection.  The DNO will normally respond within 65 days provided all required data has been submitted.

This process helps DNOs to ensure that the system has sufficient capacity and can continue to operate in a safe and reliable manner.  It can provide assurance to third parties that all appropriate checks have been carried out and in some instances may be a requirement of household insurance cover.

The connection process has been developed by the Energy Networks Association (ENA), the main Industry Body that represents DNOs including GTC.   The connection notification/application process is intended to be straightforward and easy to use. 

The ENA website also includes guidance for generation operators on compliancy for operating generation in parallel with the network. We encourage all installers to talk to us and use the notification/application process as appropriate.

For further information and to download the relevant form please visit:



Completed forms should be sent here: embedded.generation@gtc-uk.co.uk

Service enquiries here: electricity.admin@gtc-uk.co.uk 

Telephone: 01359 240363 (option 2)