Energy Companies

GTC is an independent provider of utility infrastructure solutions.  We are an accredited and regulated owner and operator of utility infrastructure in the UK.

GTC manages and maintains the networks of three IGT licenses; GTC Pipelines Limited, Independent Pipelines Limited and Quadrant Pipelines Limited.  For electricity the networks for two IDNO licenses; The Electricity Network Company Limited and Independent Power Networks limited. 

Our customer services team manages gas shipper and electricity supplier relationships.  For gas networks, we provide access to an online Shipper Services portal for all Meter Point Reference Numbers (MPRNs) operated by GTC to help facilitate the change of supplier process and resolve network supply point queries.  GTC is actively engaged in fitting SMART metering solutions for suppliers and already provides SMART enabled meters on our networks.

GTC has a team of utility experts ready to help.  Documentation for regulatory matters relating to our required standards and obligations within the industry can be found in Our Regulated Businesses.  If you have any questions relating to regulatory matters or license issues, please contact GTC Regulatory Affairs team.

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